Author Services

Four Pawns Publishing provides a service that will enable aspiring authors a chance to get their work published with no upfront cost. We help talented authors of short stories, novels, and children's books to publish, market, and promote their work.

Authors who have good stories and print-ready manuscripts can get published with no upfront cost. But if you do need some extra help, we provide low cost professional services to authors to help polish their work.

The Most Effective Press Release Service You can Use:

Manuscript Typing Services

Four Pawns Publishing offers competitively priced typing, editing, and cover design services. Need someone to type your manuscript? Let us type your document for 2 cents per word and save you time.


Good editing is invaluable when it comes to publishing your work. Our Basic review and editing cost you nothing. However, if your work needs more help, we can do a comprehensive edit for 4 cents a word. Four Pawns Publishing will do a thorough edit and formatting of your work to get it ready for publication as a paperback and/or e-book, which we distribute online through sites such as, Google Play, and Barnes & Noble.

Creating Stories with quality and page-turningness!

Cover Design

Our Basic Free Cover package includes formatting for those who have their cover design ready for publication with few changes. Course and Deluxe cover designs range from $150 for a Course cover design to $500 for the Deluxe cover. Four Pawns Publishing also offers “on page” graphic images for your project, if desired. Together, we will work to create the perfect cover for your book

Some of the best artistic creations in the business.

Free Services

Four Pawns Publishing will assess your composition. If we feel your work is attractive and, your original copy meets our criteria for narrative, style, and consummation, we will contact you to talk about publication and distribution of your book. With your input, we can make changes to your work as needed, and help you plan your marketing strategy. Once finished, we will copyright the work and assist with advertising and offers of your work in neighborhood and worldwide markets.

Start by uploading your files/manuscript and images HERE.