John BoydJohn Boyd has lived in the Middle East, Asia, the United States and South America. His life travels and experiences bring a unique perspective on the world.

His knowledge and contacts in the military, political, and business worldwide are clearly shown in his novels. They take the reader inside circles that are rarely seen to the outside world.

His wife Mariana, a Colombian citizen, also influences his writing through her life experiences and heritage. Besides English, John reads, writes and speaks Spanish fluently.

John Boyd has completed twelve novels in three different series and is currently working on his thirteenth. Follow him on Twitter (@JohnBoydBooks), or Facebook for more information.

Donna CarverBorn in Jacksonville, Florida, Donna Carver has drawn, painted, written poems, and song lyrics since she was thirteen and holds three registered song copyrights. She has been a mother and homemaker most of her life and has worked in a variety of professions, including nursing.

In 1994, she married a man who drove a semi-truck. Once the kids were grown and gone, she crawled into the ‘Big Rig’ with her husband and saw a different side of America.

Donna got a real education when she started listening to the CB radio. Truckers use a strange and colorful language which is the bases for her book, Truckin’ Up!

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Robert GlennRobert Glenn is a Florida native and businessman, as well as a man of mystery. A man whose works of fiction are based on real events from the dark streets of his youth.

Much like Max, the main character in his writings, Robert Glenn is a man with rough edges but a heart of gold. His style of writing transports the reader into a dark and dangerous world of drugs and deceit with love and romance flavoring the mix. We hope you will enjoy the ride.

Anna Marie Anna Marie is the author of the Catamans series which is production and awaiting illustrations. We look forward to releasing the finished product.

Todd Alan Todd Alan is a pen name. He is a Florida native and businessman. He is a man who struggled with addiction and got caught up in war between his spirit and the demon that plagued him. He found redemption when he finally conquered his demon with a little help along the way.