Donna Carver

Born in Jacksonville, Florida, Donna Carver has drawn, painted, written poems, and song lyrics since she was thirteen and holds three registered song copyrights. She has been a mother and homemaker most of her life and has worked in a variety of professions, including nursing.

In 1994, she married a man who drove a semi-truck. Once the kids were grown and gone, she crawled into the ‘Big Rig’ with her husband and saw a different side of America.

Donna got a real education when she started listening to the CB radio. Truckers use a strange and colorful language which is the bases for her book, Truckin’ Up!

Truckin’ Up!

Truckin’ Up!


Donna Carver gives us a funny and interesting look at the trucking industry and the wild trucker’s CB radio slang. She gets the ride of her life...

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