The Catamans Vol 9

The Catamans Vol 9

Series: The Cataman Series, Book 9
Genre: Children
Tags: cataman, cats, digestion, digestive system, education, elementary, fun, funny, general learning, holographic, kids, learning, work
Length: 44 pages
ASIN: 152372952X
ISBN: 9781523729524

When Catherine has business on the Catanic, David, Elizabeth, and Katy meet a new teacher, Captain Felix, who takes them into the...

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About the Book

Go with David, Elizabeth, Katy and Ms Catherine as they explore the circulatory system in the Holo-Cat.

Learn more about how the body functions while riding the red blood cells through the heart, but watch out for those white cells!

It’s a great way to learn and have fun while reading at the same time.

About the Author
Anna Marie

Anna Marie is the author of the Catamans series which is production and awaiting illustrations. We look forward to releasing the finished product.

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