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February 15, 2016
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Wedding Bells by Sean Gibbons

weddingbellsThis is the best day of my life
In my stomach I feel butterflies
My heart melts every time I think
How I got swept off my feet
Inside I’m a nervous wreck
Trying my best to look perfect in this gorgeous dress
I hope there is enough food and spirits to compliment the guest
OH MY GOD my hair and make-up is a mess
Grandma says calm down your just a little stressed
So I adjust my veil
I take a deep breath that exhale
As I unleash my radiant smile
My eyes begin to tear
Hoping this pure sensation will overcome fear
As I open my heart to receive all the grace
I will forever remember this time and place
All I see is better days with happiness
I’m in a passionate haze
Imagining having children to rise
It’s amazing how fast your life can change
I tremble at the touch of a kiss
I receive goose bumps from the taste of his lips
As I put my hand in his
I’m no longer worried sick
This feels like a perfect dream I never want to escape
I’m so complete
Like Icing on a wedding cake

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